Animals in Motion™ is a unique taxidermy mounting system designed by Sam Raby (Sam Raby Enterprises).
Sam has been in the taxidermy industry since 1968, and has ran a full time studio since 1978. Sam has produced unmatched award winning, quality large animal taxidermy mounts from around the world.
During that time Sam developed the idea of pedestal mounting animals in a simple, strong mounting system to be easily attached to cabinetry.
After several different designs, and a lot of R&D he perfected a design that really worked well for a lot of different applications.
Then one time, Sam had a customer asking if he could mount his animal on the wall and use his base cabinet for another mount. But because Sam had mounted this animal with a scalloped back side it would never be able to hang on the wall. So the thinking cap came on, and Sam designed the swing arm mounting application. And now the animal would also take on a lot of different poses for the customer’s liking. Plus it was totally interchangeable between pedestal or wall hanging. Now Sam’s beautiful laser cut, and powder coated application can take on all animals from the size of Antelope to cape buffalo. His elk mounting swing arm system will accommodate long antlered animals by allowing up to 10” of antler clearance from the wall.
As you scroll through the pages of taxidermy in this website, you will see quality taxidermy by Sam Raby, and also how his “Animals in Motion” applications were applied to some of the mounts as well.

Thank you for visiting my site, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have special needs, and if I can be of assistance in putting your “Animals in Motion”.